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Is blepharoplasty your key to a more youthful look?

The eyes are much more than the windows to your soul; they are a telltale sign of age and vitality. It is on this area of the face where the signs of age tend to develop first. The formation of sagginess, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles occurs in this susceptible area due to sun damage, genetics, and gravity.

At some point, most people want to know what they can do to rejuvenate the eye area. Advances in aesthetic medicine have made it possible for more people to address issues like undereye bags or upper eyelid hooding with non-invasive technology. However, there are instances in which the most appropriate action is to surgically enhance the eyes with the blepharoplasty procedure.

Eyelid surgery explained

Eye SurgeryBlepharoplasty is a procedure through which the upper or lower eyelids can be meticulously modified to create a more youthful, awake appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Ali, you have the opportunity to discuss the concerns that you have about the skin on your upper or lower lids. When evaluating the upper lids, the positioning of the brow may also be considered, as this is a secondary problem that often coincides with hooding. Any questions that you have regarding eyelid surgery will be answered at this time.

The goal of the blepharoplasty procedure is to remove loose skin and excess fatty deposits that are aging the eyes. Board certified with the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Dr. Ali has the extensive training experience our patients seek for surgical eye rejuvenation.

What to expect

One of the benefits of blepharoplasty is that incisions are made in the most discreet manner. Though you are not likely to experience post-surgical discomfort, your eyes may look slightly swollen and bruised for a few days after your procedure. For this reason, you will want to reserve time at home for a full recovery.

Two weeks post-surgery, bruising and swelling should have subsided significantly. The lash line, where incisions were made, may continue to look somewhat pink for another month or two. However, most people will not be able to tell you have had surgery on your eyes.

Patients who choose to revive their eyes with blepharoplasty are often told that they look “great” or “rested,” though the cause for this rejuvenation is not obvious. The firsthand experience of many of our patients is that they have a renewed sense of confidence – and a brighter outlook – after eyelid rejuvenating surgery.

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