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Complexion Concerns? Check out These Possible Culprits

acneYou visit Acclaim Dermatology for the high level of service your skin deserves. From acne to rashes to wrinkles, we take our time in determining the type of care that is necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The support that we provide does not end when you leave the office.

If your skin doesn't look as vibrant as it once did, you may wonder why. Is it time to switch out old products for new ones? If so, which are the right products for your current needs? Does your skin need some deep exfoliation or other professional care? While these steps are part of the long-term beauty routine, there are also certain simple factors that play a significant role in the appearance of the skin; and it's not always what you may initially think.

Skin Stealers
Most people know that eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep and exercise is all a part of looking and feeling great. These factors affect the inner workings of the body, so they will, at some point, affect the skin. However, there are additional factors that can blemish your perfect complexion.

Phone + Face = Problems
Many people today are glued to their phone more frequently than they may think. Pressing the germ-laden phone screen to your cheek for several minutes at a time, several times a day, can lead to breakouts. Additionally, the pressure of phone to face is not the best idea for skin elasticity. For the safest usage, talk on speaker setting.

Bed Sheets and your Face
At the end of the day, you may want nothing more than to lay your head on your cozy pillow and throw the blankets up over your head. However, make sure that you are washing your pillowcases and sheets on a regular basis; about once a week will keep bacteria from collecting. Also, if you sleep on your face, invest in a silky smooth pillowcase that is kinder to the skin.

There are numerous ways that you can protect and pamper your skin, and we are happy to help you! For personal dermatologic care, call Acclaim Dermatology at (832) 770-6388.

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