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Botox at the Heart of Bethenny Frankel's Facial Transformation

BotoxThe Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has seen her fair share of press in the last few years. Between her high-profile divorce and lawsuit involving her infamous Skinnygirl Cocktail line, you might be surprised that the thing about Frankel that is currently fascinating us the most is her facial transformation.

Throughout her rise to fame, Frankel's telltale aesthetic was, well, rather harsh. It has been her jaw line, in particular, that has created the angular structures that have thrown off the entire proportions of her face. Looking at old pictures of the reality star, you can see a marked protrusion at the sides of her jaw, leading to sharp angles down toward the point of her chin. Today, these severe angles have softened so significantly that the change has sparked speculation that Frankel has had plastic surgery.

The Truth Revealed

According to Frankel herself, the change to her jaw line is the direct result of none other than Botox; and the reason was not all cosmetic in nature.

Frankel is a self-professed tooth-grinder and jaw-clencher. Just like frowning causes perpetual contraction of the muscles between the brows and around the eyes, chronic clenching changes the masseter muscle that runs along the jaw line. In a perpetual state of contraction, as we can see by observing images of Frankel herself, this muscle can directly affect the shape of the jaw line. Treated with Botox, this muscle reaches a state of laxity that minimizes the uncomfortable symptoms of bruxism, including jaw pain, enamel wear, and headaches. As a very nice side effect, Botox injections also soften the definition along the jaw line, making the face appear less angular and therefore more feminine.

How Botox Works

Most of us have heard of Botox by now. This "wonder drug" creates astounding changes on the upper part of the face by releasing muscles that pull the brows together or down. With expert technique, we help our patients smooth away lines and wrinkles that make them appear angry, tired, and older than they feel. Muscle relaxation occurs within a few days after virtually painless injections, and remains effective for up to six months.

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