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Laser Hair Removal, What are you Waiting for?

Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal is one of the most searched non-surgical aesthetic treatments today. When you consider the time you spend on a weekly or daily basis grooming away unwanted hair, it makes perfect sense to simply part ways for good. If you have considered this treatment to get the smooth skin you crave, chances are you may find yourself hesitating at the same time. Here, we will take a closer look at the convenient process.

We live in an age of tattoos and injectable treatments, and yet, we really like to avoid discomfort as much as possible. One of the primary questions that patients have about laser hair removal is how uncomfortable it may be. Most patients who undergo this process say that it does not hurt at all. At the most, what tends to be felt during laser hair removal is warming and a slight snapping sensation. Following treatment, the skin may feel tender, like you spent a little too much time under the sun.

The longevity of results from laser hair removal is a hot topic, and a very relevant point to discuss. This treatment is often referred to as "permanent" hair removal. While the skin becomes smoother with laser treatment than any other method of hair removal, and while results last longer than any other method, it is important to know that a few stray hairs may grow back here and there after some time. Does this happen to everyone? Not necessarily. And, if hair does grow back, a touch-up laser treatment is all that is needed to get back to a hair-free state.

How to Prepare
Laser hair removal works by vaporizing the hair that is in follicles at the time of treatment. For this reason, patients are told to avoid waxing or plucking prior to their visit. Instead of pulling hair from follicles in such ways, patients can shave. Shaving is appropriate before the first session, and even in between sessions if necessary.

Tanning should also be stopped prior to laser hair treatments. It used to be because laser devices needed darker hair and lighter skin. Today, technology is more advanced, making it possible to treat a wider variety of skin and hair tones. However, we still advise against tanning due to the additional sensitivity it may cause.

Summer may be coming to an end, but this could mean that there is no better time to get the smooth skin you want. Call Acclaim Dermatology at (832) 770-6388.

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