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Turning 50 is a Milestone for your Skin, too!

skin rejuvenating treatmentAging is not something that holds the same stigma it once did. Turning 50 today gives a woman - or a man - a lot to celebrate! Retirement is closer than ever, and there's still memories to be made with family and friends. During this decade of life, however, a woman will face certain biological changes that are bound to affect her skin. We're talking about menopause, the time in life that a woman may both welcome and fear. Here, we will discuss the ways to promote healthy, vibrant skin during your 50s and beyond.

The goal of skin care at any age or stage is to nourish what's there, and correct what can be corrected, so you look and feel good for your particular age. To attempt to restore your skin to what it was in your twenties may be over-shooting a bit, though it may be a job your plastic surgeon would be happy to take on. One of the keys to supplying the skin with nourishing ingredients is to know what those are, and what they can do.

The sharp decline in collagen really starts to show during the 40s and 50s. Rather than reach for a topical collagen product, however, regenerating new collagen is something that needs to occur on the inside. For collagen to do what it is supposed to, which is to keep the skin firm, it must be rebuilt, and a topical product cannot do this. Patients of Acclaim Dermatology have options for collagen induction, ranging from microdermabrasion and laser treatments to Ultherapy. Also, to support what collagen you do have, be sure to wear sunscreen every single day. UV exposure frays delicate strands of this vital protein.

There really is no specific substance that promotes moisture in the skin, except for maybe hyaluronic acid. This amino sugar is partially responsible for the volume that contours the cheeks and, like collagen, it decreases as hormones begin to shift later in life. Patients wanting to regain volume may do so with dermal fillers. However, moisture is also an issue that needs daily attention. One way to protect from dryness is to wash your face less often. After the age of 50, just once a day (nighttime) is fine. According to skin experts, it isn't necessary to spend extra on expensive moisturizers. A product like Cetaphil can do wonders to keep the skin dewy fresh.

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