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How to Boost and Protect Collagen

cosmetic services Sugar Land, TXThe more we know about collagen and its supportive role in skin, bone, and cellular health, the more we know we don’t like the idea of losing this precious protein. Without sufficient collagen, we will notice that the skin becomes thin, less resilient, and saggy. Even though there are several treatments that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it makes sense to become proactive about boosting and protecting collagen as we age.

Ways to Boost Collagen

  • Massage the face. Facial massage has been shown to support muscle memory and also to encourage collagen production. It is possible to massage the face gently as a part of your daily cleansing routine. Microcurrent facials, which may be obtained by qualified estheticians, are like the facial massage on steroids.
  • Feed the skin. When the body is well-fed, the skin reflects a high level of nourishment. There is no lack of options for collagen-boosting foods. Look for freshness, such as oranges, broccoli, and other foods rich in vitamin C.
  • Supplement as needed. Collagen production slows as we age so that supplements may be a necessary aspect of anti-aging. Vitamins A, C, and E may be paired with zinc for increased collagen proliferation.
  • Maximize skin care. Topical products may support collagen production, but only if they reach deeper tissues where the protein is made. To increase the effectiveness of skin care products, exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. This can be achieved with monthly, light chemical peels.

Ways to Protect Collagen

  • We don’t mean purchasing an expensive product; we mean moisturizing from the inside out. A hydrated body means hydrated skin cells that remain plump and supportive of collagen.
  • Smoking that is. Cigarette smoke comes in direct with the skin on the face. The chemicals in that smoke are absorbed, where they then break down collagen. For healthier skin, and a healthier body, stop smoking.
  • Supplement as needed. Supplements can both build collagen and protect what you’ve already got. One way to stimulate cell growth and support collagen is with aloe vera. Extract from this plant, taken orally, has been shown to preserve healthy collagen strands. Antioxidants, as well, such as grape seed extract and resveratrol are skin-saving chemicals.

As we make our way through summer, remember that collagen is also affected by UV exposure. Take good care of your skin with help from your Sugar Land dermatologist.

Summertime Skin Issues You May Not Expect

skin care services SugarlandAs you head out into the sun and the heat, you may have the primary goal of avoiding sunburn. UV exposure is a common concern that we discuss quite often. But there are other issues that you may come face to face with as warmth permeates the air. Let’s see what they are and what you can do about them.


People with acne-prone skin may dread what weather changes will mean for them. The heat of the summer months presents prime conditions for breakouts. To prevent frustration due to acne, take proactive steps such as:

  • When you sweat, blot the skin rather than wiping it. If the skin is highly susceptible to acne, it is also more reactive to stress, so be gentle.
  • If you wear hats, wash them to prevent bacteria or oil buildup that then sits against the forehead. Also wash bedding and towels frequently.
  • Choose a sunscreen product for acne-prone skin. Also, use non-comedogenic products and lighter moisturizers that will not clog pores.
  • Consider purchasing a sonic brush for face-washing. The high-vibration of bristles maximizes effort and adds convenience to daily facial care.
  • Remember that acne is not just a “face” issue, it may also strike the back or chest. Cool showers and lightweight products add moisture without leaving a film on the skin.


The idea of dry skin is usually something that comes to mind in the wintertime. However, the skin can become ultra-dry even in the midst of humidity. Dryness is a problem that we may encounter more so as the skin ages. Fortunately, managing the moisture of skin can feel like pampering.

  • Take lukewarm showers. Hotter water temperatures draw moisture to the surface where it quickly evaporates.
  • Apply moisturizing lotion (a light formula) immediately after drying off, while there is still dampness to the skin.
  • Keep moisturizers handy at work and home, and frequently apply throughout the day to maintain a layer of moistness on the surface of arms, hands, legs, and the face.
  • Consider purchasing a light facial spray with hydrating ingredients to use several times a day.


There is nothing like an inflamed, itchy hair follicle to make you run for cover. This common summertime problem may be managed by:

  • Changing out of wet or sweaty clothing after workouts or outdoor activities.
  • Choose light, airy clothing on hot, humid days. The more air that can reach the skin, the less likely it is that hair follicles may become clogged.
  • Avoid hot tub use if there is any question of cleanliness. The term “hot tub folliculitis” doesn’t exist for no reason!

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