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Skin Care on a Budget

Keeping your skin healthy and looking its best doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank if you follow these practical tips from leading dermatologists:

  1. Cleanse, treat, and prevent. Don't let a 12-hour period go by without using some sort of treatment or product on your skin (sunscreen counts).
  2. Use sunscreen 365 days a year. This helps prevent sun damage that could lead to wrinkles, age spots, or even skin cancer.
  3. Get the most from your body moisturizer. In the winter, apply it to damp skin as soon as you get out of the shower to lock in the moisture.
  4. Consider using petroleum jelly. This common, inexpensive product has several uses for skin care including:moisturizing rough, cracked feet, elbows, and hands; dry cuticles and lips; and peeling nails;preventing chafing when running or biking;protecting kids' scrapes and bumps; andapplying as a diaper ointment.
  5. moisturizing rough, cracked feet, elbows, and hands; dry cuticles and lips; and peeling nails;
  6. preventing chafing when running or biking;
  7. protecting kids' scrapes and bumps; and
  8. applying as a diaper ointment.
  9. Use one or two skin care product lines at a time. Limiting product lines saves money and storage space.
  10. Remember, a more expensive skin care product is not necessarily more effective. Some brands contain fragrances that may lead to skin problems.
  11. Consider dual-function products. Examples include a moisturizer plus sunscreen and a lip balm with sunscreen.
  12. Get the most for your hard-earned money. When choosing anti-aging products, look for ingredients such as vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acid.

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