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Clinical Trials

What is clinical research study? Is it right for you?

Is a comprehensive study of the effectiveness and safety of medical and health advances to improve patient care. It involves human volunteers to help us better understand medicine, health, and research itself. 
Potential volunteers are carefully screened to ensure that they meet all the requirements for any study before they are enrolled. 
Participation is always completely voluntary, and participants can leave a study at any time for any reason.

Benefits of Participating

    Get to play a vital role in helping advance medicine through research.
    Play a more active role in your own health.
    Receive medical care from high quality doctor(s) as well as more frequent health check-ups.
    Compensation for your time and travel.

Available Trials


For more information contact research coordinator, Melisa Orellana.

P: (832) 770-6388 ext. 4

Email: moc.liamg%40crcoasilem